Interesting Words (and a few figures of speech)

    I just really like these words 
    Acedia- spiritual or mental sloth; apathy. 
    Lovesick - in love, or missing the person one loves, so much that one is unable to act normally.

    Doting - extremely and uncritically fond of someone; adoring.

    Stygian- very dark.
    Catacomb - an underground cemetery consisting of a subterranean gallery with recesses for tombs, as constructed by the ancient 

    Meek-  quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on; submissive.
    Sanguine- optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation.
    (in medieval science and medicine) of or having the constitution associated with the predominance of blood among the 
    bodily humors, supposedly marked by a ruddy complexion and an optimistic disposition. //bloody thirsty
    // red or ruddy in color
    Demonomania - a delusion of being possessed by evil spirits.

    Cosset- care for and protect in an overindulgent way. // a pet lamb
    Ylem- the primordial matter of the universe, originally conceived as composed of neutrons at high temperature and density.
    uxorious - having or showing an excessive or submissive fondness for one's wife. (damn I wish someone loved me that much >:T)
    gaumless/gormless - dull and stupid
   Cacology - bad choice of words or poor pronunciation.
   Lucifogous - shunning the light.
   Quantophrenia- Excessive reliance on or use of facts and figures that can be derived using statistical or mathematical procedures
   Deicide - the killing of a god.

   Metempsychosis- the supposed transmigration at death of the soul of a human being or animal into a new body of
   the same or a different species.
   Pipe dream- an unattainable or fanciful hope or plan.
   Facile - a simplistic superficial while ignoring true complexities of an issue
   Farrago - a confused mixture, mishmash
   precarious - unstable, not securely held in position like it may fall, uncertain, dependant on pure chance
   Peristeronic - something relating to pigeons 
   Hirquiticke - horny teen
   Nepenthe - A potion made by the ancients to make one forget their pain and suffering
   Reverie - to be lost in thought or daydream
   Inhume - to bury in the ground 
   Purloin - to steal something while breaking someone's trust
   Tintinnabulation - the sound of jingling bells like a little (tintin!) sound
   -hempen homespun - hempen means made of hemp which is what clothes used to be made of and homespun is
   self explanatory but kinda became a synonym for plain or unfashionable so basically 
   'nice clothes dork, did ya make em yourself?'
   Guile - sly or cunning intelligence , deceptive [noun]
   Halcyon -referring to a time back when things were peaceful
   Ambivalent- having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone

   Propinquity - closeness to someone emotionally or location wise
   Genesis - the origin
   Agnosia- inability to interpret sensations and hence to recognize things, typically as a result of brain damage 
   Coroner - an official who investigates violent, sudden, or suspicious deaths.
   Myopic- lacking imagination, foresight, or intellectual insight
   Brouhaha - a noisy and overexcited reaction or response to something.
   Hikikomori - total withdrawal from society and seeking extreme degrees of social isolation and confinement. The 
   phenomenon is mostly recognized in Japan but can happen anywhere. A number of psychiatric conditions can lead to 
   hikikomori behaviors (Ex: AvoidantPD, SchizoidPD, SchizotypalPD, Agoraphobia, and Social Anxiety disorder) 
   Retribuition- punishment inflicted on someone as vengeance for a wrong or criminal act.
   Martyrdom- someone that suffers persecution and death for advocating, renouncing, or refusing to renounce or advocate
   "It makes you feel so superior to play the martyr." - Asuka Langley
   Judas kiss- an act of betrayal, especially one disguised as a gesture of friendship.

   Palindrome- A palindrome is a word, verse, or sentence (as "Able was I ere I saw Elba"), or a number (as 2002) that reads 
   the same backward or forward.