Here's a list of my fears because that is totally a healthy thing to do:
     -black holes
     -kissing bugs
     -prion disease
     -going outside alone at night (the fear isn't bad during the day)
     -maggots (gross :( )
     -house fires (especially one happening while I'm asleep)
     -nuclear weapons
     -radiation poisoning
     -the idea of my food being tampered with
     -being murdered (of course)
     -the idea of coming across a dead body
     -medieval torture devices (Ie, The "Pear of Anguish")
     -medieval rat torture
     -torture in general
     -male otters (if you know, you know)
     -The idea of mushroom spores getting into my lungs and killing me 
     (Why I stay away from mushrooms)
     -bread mold???
     -being impaled (but specifically vlad the impaler style)
     -bloodborne disease
     -the carcinogenic paint I hid in my desk and don't know how to get rid off
     -weather alerts and doomsday sirens
     -Project MKUltra + everything that is still classified by the C.I.A
     -being watched
     -The uncertainty of whether or not a person is dangerous or not (I have a mental watchlist 
     for a few people due to behavior one may describe as "sus") 
     (this will be dated as hell)
     -getting my wisdom teeth removed (I dread the day this will happen)
     -the chernobyl "elephant's foot" 
     -the innevitable mortality of the ones I love
     -identity theft
     -the fact that I'm going have to live on my own and most likely I'm not going to have a
     stable source of income. Shit dude,, the idea of grocery shopping on my own scares me.
     I'm afraid of making eye contact with people DO YOU THINK I'LL SURVIVE IN THE REAL WORLD???
     -being a burden
     -bed bugs
     -wasps (hornets get a pass because they look cool as fuck! one flew in my house and I felt 
     really bad after it had to be killed because it was beautiful in a evil creature kind of way)
     -genuine found footage
     -the bjork stalker
     -climate change
     -STDs and STIs
     -the idea of what happens to stuff that gets in my eye and doesn't come out
     -the thought of being on bad terms with someone before they die or my last words to them being
     something I regret
     -I love the ocean but I am afraid of swimming in it because of jellyfish, murky water,
     being swept under, and there is probably a lot of nasty things in the water we're swimming in! 
     -my darkest most repressed secrets being unknowingly revealed by me while sleep talking or 
     while under the influence (why I am afraid of getting my wisdom teeth removed)
     -Medical error and malpractice during surgery
     -Are you aware how many medical tools are left inside of people post-surgery?
     -someone breaking into my house while I'm asleep
     -being electracuted 
     -all natural disasters
     -driving, car accidents, plane crashes, getting run over
     -the concept of telepathy. I think it's ridiculous but the 'what if' scenarios spook me
     -something about voicemails is disturbing,,, like the liminal space of audio
     -human degeneracy 
     -devientart's userbase (I only go there for more stamps to put in my hoarder den :( )
     -searching up medical terms on google because 99.9% of the time I'm going to find
     photos of people mid-surgery which y'know I don't really wanna see that.
     I looked up "polyp" as in the first stage of life for a jellyfish on google to see
     what they look like in person because I've only seen them in these old animal
     encyclopedia's I happen to have. WHAT I DIDN'T WANT TO SEE WAS "a small growth, usually 
     benign and with a stalk, protruding from a mucous membrane." THAT WAS GROSS
     -fireworks up close
     I know nothing good will come of putting my fears on the internet but c'est la vie