Rainy day rambles

  Current thought: 1976 music box that played a song from swan lake that my grandma had in her
  house when I was a child :| 
  I played that thing all of the time at every single speed to test how it would sound. I thought 
  it would be difficult to find the music box but it was pretty easy hehe
  here is a video of someone playing the exact music box: https://youtu.be/r5y1qKyPRdc 
  sigh,,,, beautiful,,,
  MSpaint seems to been lovingly made into every other corporate minamalistic carbon copy
  clone application on this god forsaken hellscape of a planet
  Christ,,, why did they think this was needed? It's been what...15 years? sure you need to
  "stay up to date" but ... who the fuck asked for this? the rounded edges and toned down colors
  make me want to vomit! Wow so eyeball-friendly! Now change it back :D
  wasn't like I waited days for my computer to update to windows 11 so that it would meet the 
  requirements to download the classic version so I could bask in the sweet nostalgia of where
  I first started and make what I could only have dreamed of making when I was only 5.
  Wasn't like the original was the birthplace for young artists,,, wasn't like I adored one of 
  the surviving remenance of the old Windows that I loved so much
  Thanks Microsoft! I hate it! ^^
  Today I found every volume except 5 of Pita-ten! sadly there isn't many people 
  selling vol.5 on the internet :[ I'll have to be on the look out! I only watched
  the first 3 episodes of the anime on tubi before finding these so I'm putting off
  watching it all until I'm done reading ><
  I've been in denial about being an otaku but I just looked up the official definition and-
  zheheheheh I'm typing this on a new 'puter
  still not used to the different keyboard h
  Merry Christmas!
  (just beat pokemon blue on my gameboy advance hehehehehhe)
  It's 12:49 AM 
  My dog has his nose smushed against my bed , snoring
  he has a cherubic (modern depictions of course :smug cat face: wittle dog face
  I luv him ^^
  he deserves all the pets
  after writing the date he very noisily woke up 
  still adorable ^^
  I really need my sleeps so g'night!
  A freighting display of neurotisism today folks!
  I thought I saw a silverfish on my curtains so
  I grabbed a ball of tissue to smother the little
  bastard but whenever I did it fell. SOOO I searched 
  for it in a panic by moving all of my books and my
  huge ass beanbag chair out of the way. I even tried to
  instruct my dogs to murder it if they saw it. After compulsively checking the curtain
  for silverfish the 5th time I found a small tumbleweed-esque ball of hair in the 
  exact size as what I saw and I placed it by the curtain and stepped back to see
  in perspective what it looked like from farther away,it looked like a silverfish.
  I mistook a hairball for a silverfish and went into restless panic. Alas, even with
  this discovery I still have a crawling suspicion that there lies a silverfish in my
  room. This will be in the back of my mind for the next week...
 Reading wikipedia articles related to love 
 instead of actually talking to or acknowledging 
 the guy you have a crush on ;(
Today he was standing next to me/ behind me right 
before lunch hour and I accidently let the door
close on him instead of kinda keeping it open
and now I feel really bad,,,

I am a dumbass

I fear that I come off as cold and aloof when
I'm nervous (all of the time) so I'm scared of
him getting the wrong idea or thinking I 
hate his guts or something

testing testing!
For my first rant:
The ammount of NSFW I encountered while looking
for all of these gifs on the wayback machine
,,, come on ,,,
but I'm not surprised in the slightest
typical internet behavior