I have a short attention span (making my music taste really sporadic)
   so I rarely have an entire album to be fixated on. However there are a few
   that I really love in no particular order ^^
   1. Self-ish by Will Wood and the Tapeworms
  not to be THAT guy but... I did like them before they got popular (back in 2019 I think)
  when the most views they had was 80k. Not that I'm gatekeeping or anything!! I'm actually
  glad that they have a pretty sizable fanbase now. I came in like the second wave of new
  Will Wood fans after NASTY DOCTOR promoted the band and their work-in-progress album
  (the normal album). But I played this album to DEATH I can't stand some of the songs
  now because of how many times I've heard them but it's in here nontheless.
  2. House of 1000 corpses soundtrack by Rob zombie (mostly) 
  This movie sucks and it's great, but I'm not talking about the movie right now.
  the soundtrack for this movie is fucking AMAZING ^^!!!
  Run rabbit run , [kitty] liquor , and the self titled track are mind numbingly good
  and I can still play them on repeat without getting sick of them (as of writing this)
  It even got me unironiclly listening to the mildy sexist Betty Boop song that played
  in the horror-protagonist-fucked-up scene! mwa~ much love Robert zombie
   3. Songs about [screwing] by Big Black 
  (sorry for censoring is I'm a paranoid weenie wwww)
  This one is a recent fave! Couldn't beleive this was made in the 80s at first,,
  they did the hentai cover art first!! mwah mwah~ very good I love myself some
  noise rock! loud noise good ooga booga
   4. Korn's self itled album 
  kornbread :smug cat: 
  also the final track has the singer having mental breakdown along with disturbing
  subject matter so if you want to listen to it keep that in mind
  also my dad gave me a korn concert shirt from the release of Follow the leader so hahahahahah
  this is the only impressive thing I own,, It's an awesome shirt too :O
   5. Nothing to Fear by Oingo Boingo 
  I listened to this while makeing this :D
  I love Oingo Boingo so much dude 
  6. The Downward Spiral by Nine Inch Nails
  This was my emotional support album when I was depressed and I don't think that was a good
  idea looking back on it post-antidepressants 0_0  Still one of my favorite albums though,
  I love Trent Reznor ^.^
  7. Demon Days by Gorillaz 
  Basic choice but it's my fave Gorillaz album
  Fire coming out of the Monkey's head still gives me chills everytime
  8. Tom Lehrer
  Not an album
  I love Tom Lehrer
  did you know that he invented Jello shots?