WARNING THIS DREAM IS PRETTY GROSS (if you're grossed out by vomit don't read this)
  It starts remenascent of fnaf with an arcade with an elevator in the way back that I went inside of 
  that was pitch black on the inside with nothing but soft industrial buzzing to keep me company. I was
  in there for nearly forever with no new floor in sight before being brought right back to the ground
  floor where I started.
  I was messing around in the little arcade/shop place and looking around for tiny little trinkets and
  cutesy useless objects like a vocaloid haku little squishy thing (it was like a squinkie,, heh remember
  those?,, exept more squishy) among other things. I went back and forth with losing the items and paying 
  for them and nervously getting help from employees as I wandered around the place like a chicken with
  its head cut off.
  It was dark and the place was closing and I was talking to a friendly cashier and a weird cake caught my
  attention so a bought it despite the cashier warning against it. It was "human stomach flavor" with two
  orange sponge-looking cakes stuck to eachother. I assumed it wouldn't be anything too bad since it surely
  would have passed health codes if it was being sold at the arcade. I went to the arcade bathroom to eat the 
  cake and I had barely taken a bite before immediatley wretching in disgust and spitting it out in the sink.
  I wanted anything I swallowed out of me so I shoved me finger in the back of my throat to activate my gag
  reflex (which worked) and I puked out the tiny bit of cake I ate. The thing tasted like thick stomach acid
  and bile (and kinda ironic that I made myself throw up something that tasted like vomit,, making more vomit
  in the proccess) I walked out of the bathroom taking heavy breaths and the cashier looked like he was trying 
  not to laugh at me.
  the cake makes me feel sick thinking about it :[
  Had a dream almost a week ago where I was apparently dating choptop from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 
  and I had heard some horrible truecrime related story that really made me paranoid so I was really
  on edge when we went to some weird completley purple-ish-pink building and on the inside there was 
  a lion chained to the wall that was literally doing nothing that I screamed at and threatened to 
  kill if it hurt my really-weird-cannibal-guy-date out of paranoia. 
  This has been my first self-ship-esque dream I have ever had and it had to be choptop and not literally
  any other character 
  Well now I have a mildy worse rep within my friend circle but hey, beggars can't be choosers
  (this will only make a shred of sense if you've seen Marble Hornets)
  The begining had me in a red tinted setting with Masky standing before me with the
  bottom half of his mask being ripped off with the top half being smudged in sharpie 
  and I think he may have been wearing a dirty old flannel. I don't remember him saying 
  anything to me.
  The dream transitions to me and Tim Wright (The unmasked version of Masky) standing in
  front of a large desheivled seemingly abandoned building that was a scrapped filming
  sight for the character Alex Kralie's student film (Marble Hornets) which Tim acted in.
  He pointed out something really strange; the industrial ambience of the building was 
  controlled by a switch in one of the front potruding rooms. Once you flipped the switch
  the entire building would be completley silent. He was trying to show me how turning the
  switch back on caused bats to spew out of three large pipe-like openings on the wall
  just outside the switch room. A ton of bats just started sqeaking and flying away and
  as this happened he flicked the switch on and off and the bats would pause in the pipe
  each time it was off and fly out once it was on. A car parked in front of the building 
  and Tim said something along the lines of "Speak of the devil, It looks like the switch
  summons Alex's too." and ran into the entrance besides the room. I stood for a breif moment
  before I saw Alex Kralie coming out of the car (wearing the fandom iconic orange shirt-
  blue striped jacket) and then ran quickly after Tim. By the time I was in Tim was already 
  hiding and I knew that I should be too. 
  Once you're in the entrance there is a hallway going left, the walls are concrete with a brick-
  like appearance. Once you're in the hall the left wall is completley open with a few concrete
  pillars holding the building up. Right outside of the opening is what looks like an old playground
  with some structures that I hid behind. There were two women I couldn't recognize that were already 
  hiding there but I guess we all had a mutual understanding that Alex was here and that he was here 
  to kill all of us. We hid in silence broken by whispers of "is he here?" by the two next to me. I
  looked upwards to see Alex standing there, smiling and pulling out his gun.
  The end, that's it
  I was in 2nd & Charles doing my ritualistic search for Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and found that not only did they have it but 
  apparently they had a stack of books around 7 inches thick that had continued the original story with a couple of spin offs.
  A couple of the books had Devi with a repaired relationship with Nny and appeared along side him. There was this one Invader
  Zim comic which was far older than any officially made comic and was nearly 2 feet in height and had a hard cover with odd 
  art that was almost like a Where is Waldo page with what seemed to be a battle field of broken robots with Gaz and Dib in the
  wreckage. On one shelf there was an audio tape for Serial Experiments Lain that I was exited about before realizing I had
  nothing to play it on. I bought the books but I found a CD for the evangelion soundtrack that I stole a Rei sticker [?] from
  because I realized I probably didn't have enough money to get it but as soon as I walked out of the door I walked right back
  in and admitted my faults to an employee and grabbed the cd case and took it to the desk to purchase despite being broke
  and stupid. It was 2 cents... I had 2 dimes deep in my right pocket and gave one to the cashier. I got the CD and the books,
  yay I guess
  I forgot to record this entry yesterday but here it is: I had a dream that either England or the UK in general was getting bombs 
  dropped on it by either Austria or Argentina (either one ,, I kinda forgot) I could hear the sounds of the explosions and the ground
  moving below me for the impact (for context I don't live anywhere near the UK) The last explosion was the most intense. I looked at
  the news on my phone and saw that there were already quick and rushed reports on the events and I looked up to see the sky darkening 
  with a blood moon visible and grimly remarked how it reminded me of "blood spilled today"